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that's passenger dog on board, not date of birth

mr.bunny is NOT closing his eyes, with fear, in regards to my driving.

he is merely resting his eyes, confidant that i can drive with my knees, through central london at speed, and take his photograph simultaneously *

i have stopped taking pain killers in an attempt to get more with the program.

whatever program that might be.

stopping the pain killers brings back the pain though.
i'm trying to see which is more distracting: being drugged or being in pain.

* this may be an over-exageration: i might actually have been stationary in traffic…

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one KX 2014

one KX 2014

(photo: mark sherratt)

took my spanish lady friend and mr.bunny to a little show and tell with some young photographers at One KX
(an awesome community program of events and seminars for young people run by central YMCA)


to re-do the replacement sun shade / rain cover

and scheme schemes / juggle shoots.