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mr.bunny is a little tired

mr.bunny is a little tired

got up early to receive a BT engineer at bunker, due at 8am

the entry phone buzzed at 9
'hello, i'm here for a photoshot for toxic models', went a voice the other side of the intercom.

'apt, but wrong studio luv', i said, returning to my end of quarter accounts.

i could hear mr.bunny playing guard dog: barking under the gate at the toxic model.

10 minutes later she buzzed gain: 'you haven't opened the door', she said.

'yes. this is because you are still at the wrong studio and i don't want to let the dog that is barking at you, out to attack you'


the BT engineer with the dyed black hair, greased back into a duck's bottom arrived at 11am and fixed the phone line easily.

che woke up by the time i'd finished my VAT return so we went for brunch, up the tow path, starting at the cygnet again and walking on into hipster hackney wick for lunch and more ciders.

mr.bunny found it all a little exhausting.

i found it all a little confusing: where were all these people coming from?

when we lived in hackney wick 2000-2006 it was frontier territory and gnarly but there was a tangible energy there: it was almost electrical.
now it's full of poseurs.

i am genuinely glad to have left the wick before this happened.
soon the entire canal side will be turned into 'luxury' flats that don't last 100 years

contemplated the roller disco but thought mr.bunny wouldn't really dig it.


mr.bunny is wasted: a combination of the heat and the walking.